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Aug 11,2010

The development team at Boss Cart E-commerce Software put the new e-commerce features and significantly better, unambiguous interfaces to the centre.

The newly integrated payment gateways as below:

* HSBC checkout
* CCNow
* Ideal
* Epdq
* CardSave
* Payment sense

The development team carried out considerable improvement regarding the checkout process, thus you can easily configure optional shipping charges like Collection mode with free shipping, and your customers may select the desired delivery date according to the shopkeeper’s settings.

I suppose the biggest the greatest leap forward is the integration of „Anonymous Checkout module” and the visitors may forget the forced registration when any of PayPal Payment Standard, Google Checkout, PayPal Express Checkout is configured as active payment gateway.

On the storefront visitors will see a more sophisticated, ecommerce template with wrapped newsletter sign up box in the leftbar.
I must mention the improved product attributes. The weight of the product attributes changes the product and shipping prices on the fly.
After logging into the customer account it is easy to recognize that a new Reward tab is added, since from this release Shopkeeper has the facility to encourage the customers with the loyalty point system as well –beside the various discounting modules. Using the new options at the Order History tab repeating a previous order, or clearing an incomplete payment has never been so easy.

Boss Cart has a surprise for the seo world as well, since the Google Ecommerce Tracking is integrated as an automatic. The implementation is still not perfect in this version, since javascript needs interpreter to push the transaction details to Google, but I am very sure this module will be improved soon.

Hosted E-Commerce Packages

Jun 21,2010

After some years of successful distribution of the Premium Software, the team at Boss Cart has decided to establish the hosted packages targeting really demanded users who would like to focus on their business instead of the website maintenance.

Two packages has been compiled so far, the difference is the provide hosting plan, and the maximum number of uploadable products. However the installed software gives you all the advanced features of Boss Cart Premium including:

  • Guest checkout.
  • Google Base uploader.
  • eBay product export tool.
  • Bulk csv product import.
May 6,2010

Every UK companies are overseen by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

If you sell goods or services to consumers by:

  • the internet
  • digital television
  • mail order, including catalogue shopping
  • phone
  • fax

then Distance Selling Regulations concern you.

You must give clear information before your customers place orders at your website, which includes:

  • Identity of your business.
  • The main characteristic of the offered good.
  • The price of the goods including all taxes.
  • The delivery cost.
  • Information how the payments can be made.
  • when the payment is required in advance, you must let your customers know your full geographic address.
  • The terms of services.
  • If your customer have to call a premium-rate phone number, you must specify the cost of the call (inc. taxes).
  • Validity period your offer.
  • The minimum duration of the contract where goods or services are to be provided permanently or recurrently.
  • The declaration that you will pay the cost of returning any product that you supply as substitutes instead of out of stock items.

The E-Commerce regulations (ECRs) are concern you when you request for payment via electronic equipment prior to providing the service or deliverying the good. Some of the information which you must supply overlaps the DSRs and includes:

  • The full name of your business.
  • Geographic address of your business, if your as trading from home it means your home address.
  • Your contact details, to enable effective communication with you.
  • Your registration number.
  • Your VAT registration number if you are subject to VAT
  • The details of any supervisory authority, where applicable.
  • Clear identification if the prices include taxes and delivery costs.

When an order is placed at your eShop

  • Customer must receive an acknowledgement of the receipt of the order without delay.
  • You must provide consumers a clear identification of input errors prior to their order is placed.

Boss Cart Premium E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software is the result of over 10 years experience in Internet, shopping carts and web applications and designed by a British team of highly skilled BSc and MSc qualified programmers with you, the user and the regulations in mind.

Oct 4,2008

Not very long ago I have visited a very promising link building. service provider. The website is very demanded and at the main page I immediately got a very good overview about the offered services:

  • Content Related Websites
  • Blog Reviews
  • Social Media BookMarking
  • Article Distribution
  • General Directory Submission
  • Niche Directory Submission
  • Web Templates - Designed by
  • Forums Signatures

According to their portfolio, the main strength of the company is utilizing the different social media, which one of the most effective way to boost the website traffic. After spending long minutes reading text snippets I found out that they mostly focus on the British market, but it makes the really valueable for a lot of European webmasters.
I think you won’t regret visiting this real gem.

Webmaster blog under magnifier

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Jun 5,2008

I don’t know if you have heard the nick name Temi. If you are a regular visitor of the various webmaster forums, you may find this name similar, but if you are a regular poster at the various virtual marketplaces you must know him pretty well.

Still doesn’t sound familiar?

OK, and if say Link bid script , or Haabaa directory?

Yes, Temi Odurinde has been in the web directory business for many years. It was more than a year ago, when he released an excellent article at this blog about the secret of successful directory managing. I think this is one of the best article ever posted here.

When I started to read his blog, I recognised that there are some exceptionally nice articles about web hosting, reflecting many year of experience and deep knowledge. If you are considering to get into web hosting, those writings are must.

I almost forget to mention that Temi is a huge fan of the different forums. He has plenty of them, but the best one is the UK Webmaster forum. Not a member yet?
What are you waiting for?

Have a nice further day!

Painless CAPTCHA

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Jun 1,2008

For me the word CAPTCHA has only one meaning and it is PAIN, though I am convinced that we need it in order to protect our forms against spamming bots.

I considered that it would be really nice if we could provide a CAPTCHA script at our websites which gives an immediate feedback about the correctness of the typed password. I can hardly imagine more annoying thing than when after posting you need to recognize that the control number was false and your form was reseted as well.

After a couple of hour work it seems that I managed to compile a quite fancy method to handle this issue.

The html code of the input is the following:

<input name="seccode" type="text" id="seccode_id" size="20" onkeyup="count()" style="background-color:#FFFFFF"/>
<span id="ok"></span>

, it will receive evaluation from the JavaScript code below when a keyboard key is released (onkeyup event).

<script type="text/javascript">
function count(){
var desc = document.getElementById("seccode_id").value;
var code = "<?php echo rtrim(preg_replace('/(.)/', '$1%51%', $_SESSION['secword']));?>";
var result = code.replace(/%51%/gi, "");
var length = desc.length;
if (desc.slice(0,length)==result.slice(0,length))
document.getElementById("ok").innerHTML = "";}
document.getElementById("ok").innerHTML = "the last charcter you entered is invalid";}
if (length==0){
if (length==6 && desc.slice(0,length)==result.slice(0,length)){
new Fx.Style('secur', 'opacity', {duration:1000}).start(1,0);

The code has two inputs: the $_SESSION[’secword’] which is generated by the CAPTCHA script and the other one is the seccode input. Unfortunately I couldn’t avoid displaying the CAPTCHA string in the source hence I used the preg_replace php and the replace js function in order to mask it, inserting and deleting the %51% string among the chracters of the CAPTCHA.

The operation of the script in nutshell is the following. The JavaScript grabs the value of the input after every typed character, inspects its length and examine if the same length string of the CAPTCHA are identical with it. If the result is YES the background of the input will turn green, otherwise it will turn red and a warning message will be injected into the span element.

The last three lines are mostly for the fancy effect, when the typed and the generated strings are the same in their full length, the mootools framework will set the opacity of the containing div to 0.

Working demo

Have a nice further day!

Premium Web 2.0 shopping cart is knocking

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May 24,2008

Yesterday an update post has been released at the official Boss Cart blog reporting that their newest script, the WEB 2.0 compatible shopping software, called Boss Cart Premium is very close to the public release.

Following the free JV script among the fast growing eCommerce shopping cart family this script is the second releases in the last 12 months period.

I asked for a demo page from the spokesman of the webdesign company, who showed me the newest version of the software. He said that the final testing will be finished in the next 2 weeks, and after that a demonstration micro site will be uploaded for the Public. I got permission to the backend as well, and after spending there about 20 minutes I need to say that the programmers did a fantastic job.

I believe that in a couple of week I will have possibility to present the script functions with screenshots as well.

Have a nice further day!