Every UK companies are overseen by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

If you sell goods or services to consumers by:

  • the internet
  • digital television
  • mail order, including catalogue shopping
  • phone
  • fax

then Distance Selling Regulations concern you.

You must give clear information before your customers place orders at your website, which includes:

  • Identity of your business.
  • The main characteristic of the offered good.
  • The price of the goods including all taxes.
  • The delivery cost.
  • Information how the payments can be made.
  • when the payment is required in advance, you must let your customers know your full geographic address.
  • The terms of services.
  • If your customer have to call a premium-rate phone number, you must specify the cost of the call (inc. taxes).
  • Validity period your offer.
  • The minimum duration of the contract where goods or services are to be provided permanently or recurrently.
  • The declaration that you will pay the cost of returning any product that you supply as substitutes instead of out of stock items.

The E-Commerce regulations (ECRs) are concern you when you request for payment via electronic equipment prior to providing the service or deliverying the good. Some of the information which you must supply overlaps the DSRs and includes:

  • The full name of your business.
  • Geographic address of your business, if your as trading from home it means your home address.
  • Your contact details, to enable effective communication with you.
  • Your registration number.
  • Your VAT registration number if you are subject to VAT
  • The details of any supervisory authority, where applicable.
  • Clear identification if the prices include taxes and delivery costs.

When an order is placed at your eShop

  • Customer must receive an acknowledgement of the receipt of the order without delay.
  • You must provide consumers a clear identification of input errors prior to their order is placed.

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